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Adult students who completed elementary education find difficulties paying back their student loans

Sunday, 03 February 2013
With jobs and careers hard to come by these days in Sweden, people who took student loans, mostly immigrants, are having it hard to start making repayments. This hit mostly those who went for adult education to study Swedish language courses - many are now ending up with the bailiffs according to a report from the State investigators on adult education.

The worst is among those who only studies at elementary school levels, with 50 percent of them having debts that end up with the bailiffs. In practice, most people who study Swedish as a second language, those who came from other countries are the ones hard hit.

"It makes one wonder if it's a good start on a career in a new country. We know that many of those with immigrant background, for example, want to start their own businesses and now have liabilities with the bailiff, They will never get bank loans, and that makes it difficult to establish themselves," said Geoff Erici, whom on behalf of the Government is leading the investigation to Swedish television.

He believes that information about the study support must be made better and clearer. Probably many did not know that it is possible to wait to pay off if they have a low income.
Most often the debts are relatively small sums, over Skr50,000. But with a low income, it becomes much more difficult to pay.

The investigation is reviewing both the effects of the education and the student's financial situation. It will be presented shortly after Easter. But now Geoff Erici says in the report that he is considering proposing that the grant part of the student loans be made higher, which in this case means that the loan component will be smaller.

Since 2010, 47 percent of people who took part in adult education in Sweden and took out student 2305 people out of a total 4922 have liabilities with the bailiff.

However, 27 percent of those who studied at high school level have liabilities with the bailiff - that is 5136 people out of a total 19,018. Only 5 percent (354 persons out of a total 6668) who reached the university have liabilities with the bailiff
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