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Image sourced from Swedish television

A train derailed and crashed into a building in Sweden when a cleaner stole and took it for a ride.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013
A train in Sweden crashed into a build over night and it turned out that a cleaner stole the train before it derailed and crashed into a residential building outside Stockholm on Tuesday.

The train was "taken" by a female cleaner, whom for unknown reasons come into possession of it. How she got the keys remains unknown as the keys are said to be personal to the drivers.

After the crash, the cleaner, who was injured, has been arrested on suspicion of destruction and endangering the public. No passengers were on board and no one in the building where the train crashed was injured.

The train came from the rail company, SL's carriage hall in Neglinge, and when, at 2:30 o'clock it approached the last stop in Saltsjöbaden, it was supposed to slow but instead it was driven at high speed straight through the so-called buffer stop, which is where the tracks run out. It lurched straight into an apartment block about fifty meters away from the stop bracket.

The police and emergency services say what they believe is that the train was illegally taken out of the pit. It stood on the site yesterday, and it was not leave the depot at night, according to Suss Forsman Thullberg from the train company, SL to swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.
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