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Where are the jobs of the future going to be?

Wednesday, 28 November 2012
The jobs market is very tight now such that students and job seekers who need to take courses or retrain for other skill sets find out hard to know which direction to take.

From the Swedish perspective though, some education or training courses will ultimately lead to a working career because there are shortages of personnel in those areas. In others, it is almost a waste of time to pursue.

Making a long terms forecast for labour need in the country, Trade Union Federation, SACO, has made a forecast of labour need for the country  in 2017. The following areas that show skills demand for the future and those that will be of no need to pursue.
Areas of skill shortages in the future
Areas of surpluses
Biomedical scientist     
Computer scientists   
Secondary school teachers of vocational subjects   
Teachers / Researchers at universities and colleges
Mathematician / Statistician
Environment Specialists
Garden and landscape  and horticulture specialists
Behavioural therapist
Communications specialist
Museums and cultural occupations
Social scientists

Source: SACO

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