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The price of Swedish domestic heating increases

Tuesday, 25 September 2012
Over the past decade, district heating companies in Sweden have raised prices by 42 percent, or nearly three times as much as the consumer price index increased during the same period.

A new study by Nils Holgersson research for property companies; Fastighetsägarna Sverige, HSB:s Riksförbund, Hyresgästföreningen, Riksbyggen and SABOshow published in various Swedish media outlets, show the nature of the growth in heating costs.

Highest price of district heating has been registered by Hammarö Energi which stood at Skr0.101.2 per kilowatt hour. That's more than twice as much as the lowest price, available at Luleå Energi, in Northern Sweden.

In the last year district heating prices on average increased by 3.4 percent, in a Sweden, which must be heated given that it is a persistently cold country.
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