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Swedish jobs market discriminatory practices largely driven by the employment services discriminatory approaches.

Sunday, 07 April 2013
Discrimination is not a very interesting word to use when describing the ways systems that deal with people work. But we have consistently used this word when it comes to describing how distribution of resources is effected in Sweden.

Persistently described as very successful country and leads the league table in so many human development indices, Sweden has the habit of discriminating silently the set of people who have no way of reporting of making their voices heard.

The job market is one of those places in Sweden where  it make no sense to think of seeking a job in Sweden if you are of the wrong human breed. The only exception comes if there are really skill shortages and then employers go abroad and harvest workers from there.

A new report to throw more light on this above claim comes from radio Sweden that reports that the Swedish Employment Service has for years failed to register job seekers from other EU countries in the same way as they do for jobs seekers from Sweden, even though it is against the rules. The rule says that there shall be no discrimination in the job market when it concerns job seekers from the EU who want to look for work in Sweden. They shall be treated the same as fellow Swedes.

Against that backdrop, job seekers from Romania have repeatedly tried to get help from the Swedish employment agency, but have not received any, radio Sweden report.

A jobs seeker from Romania use as an example is explained that since he has no Swedish personal number, he filed his interest for work in Sweden in an employment office in Gothenburg but since has not been registered in the Swedish job seekers database which can be searched by employers. The job seekers application is kept in a binder under a dark side of the database or under the desk.

In such a case, the Swedish Employment Service was expected to use a type of coordinated numbers, a sort of temporary social security number from the Tax authority that would enable the worker to work.

It s very shameful the way the so-called rich countries in Europe treat the poorer countries such as Romania and Bulgaria. From the UK to Sweden, the way these subjects are treated is not fair - just as they treat the Africans and the Arabs -looking. These set of people - the African and the Muslims, don't count of the Swedish job market for their career development. After succeeding to gain their educations and skills, they either start their own businesses or just migrate elsewhere.

According to radio Sweden, When the Employment Service was contacted, they said that they were aware of such shortcomings. They said that they would resolve the issue by seeking temporal social security numbers for EU migrant workers.
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