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Sweden not as frozen though as a vary large solar farm under construction in Västerås

Monday, 27 May 2013

Dobbed the largest solar park in the Nordic region, a giant solar plant for solar electricity harnessing and production will be built along the E18 motorway, outside Västerås in Sweden.  The company, Kraftpojkarna (Kraft boys) and the communal energy company Mälarenergi are the two forces behind the project.

"Solar Park is likely to be the largest in the Nordic countries," says Jan Andhagen, Vice President of Mälarenergi to radio Sweden.

"It will be exciting to see what it looks like every time one passes, what position they are in because it's going to look like a field of sunflowers that caters for the sun all the time," he says.

On the side of that road, the E18 east of Vasteras, 100 pieces of solar cells will take 70 square meters each and will be setup along a stretch of one kilometre.

The plant is believed to be able to produce 1.2 million kilowatt-hours per year, equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 400 apartments.

The company Kraftpojkarna stands is said to be investing about Skr20 million and Mälarenergi commits to purchase all the electricity produced by the plant for 15 years ahead, as the two work on their deals. The electricity prices are negotiated between the parties.

The Swedish Transport Administration has approved the solar plant deal as it is believed it will not disrupt traffic and the company, Kraftpojkarna does not think the proximity to the highway will dirty the solar panels.

"I believe that one will not need to clean them. Kraftpojkarna have outlined that there might be the need to swab on them once a year, but the rain does its job, so there will be minimal impact," says Jan Andhagen.
The construction of the Solar Park is said to begin in mid-July and be completed sometime in the fall.
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