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Slight improvement in the Swedish job market

Friday, 08 February 2013
The unemployment rate in Sweden among the Swedish workforce was 4.8 percent in January, compared with 4.8 percent the previous month.

In January 2012, unemployment was 4.8 percent, according to latest data from the Swedish employment service, Arbetsf�rmedlingens in it monthly job market report

The number of registered unemployed at the end of January stood at  228,100, an increase of 4000 over the same month last year.

"The rapid deterioration in the labour market during the autumn has almost ceased. Nevertheless, it is still too early to conclude that the labour market downturn has bottomed out. Still there exist some indications of rising unemployment in the future, but it certainly looks a lot better than was the case a few months ago, "says Tord Strannefors, of the Swedish Employment Service, in a statement.
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