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More Swedes - Seven out of ten workers prepared to work longer

Thursday, 11 April 2013
At least seven out of ten older workers in the management sectors who are member of the worker union, Unionen is prepared to work longer today, but then working hours have become more flexible.

The Swedish government has made it clear that people have to work longer in the future so that the current pension time bomb could be properly managed, a recent pension suggested recently.

A survey among workers union members, Unionen members show that many of them in the management services sector are willing to work longer than planned, if the conditions are right.

Among Union Members between 60 and 65 years, some three out of ten are willing to work longer than planned as it looks today. But if their working hours were to reduce, suddenly almost seven out of ten would love to work longer.

The survey shows that two things are almost essential for the desire to retire earlier - the economy and working conditions.

The economy is important but not everything. Above all, flexibility, the ability to scale down, for example through part-time, which can get people to work longer according to Mikael Dubois who is an investigator at Union.

Many are to choose between working full time or not at all, but then they still want to get retired instead.
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