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Lots of Jobs in Finland in these areas

Monday, 14 January 2013
Are you looking for a career? Are you struggling for a career and fell that you will not get the career you need. Are you an EU citizen, there are many jobs in Finland in these sectors.
Seeking jobs here gives you a better change of getting one

Good Job prospects
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Social Workers
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Sales Representatives, phones sales
  • Kindergarten Teachers
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Bookkeepers, Payroll specialists
  • Psychologists
  • Cleaners
  • Dentists
Source: Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy

Unfortunately, these sectors are dried of Jobs and constitute the areas with the highest level of unemployment in the country. Seeking work here is a waste of time.

Bad Job prospects
  • Office Clerks
  • Telecom Installers
  • Graphic Artists
  • Tailor, Seamstresses
  • Furniture carpenters
  • Designers
  • None specialised Industry Workers
  • Advertising directors
  • IT Engineers
  • IT Architects
  • Printers
  • Travel agents
  • Bank workers
Source: Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy

Theabve information comes from the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy which has collated a list of the most employable professions from local employment offices, which monitor the number of jobseekers in some 200 fields.
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