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How a Swedish meat dealer labelled horsemeat as Swedish beef, a second case

Wednesday, 10 April 2013
The perception that contain things cannot happens in Sweden was prove wrong by the Swedish food authority. It emerged that a meat dealer labelled horsemeat as Swedish beef. That has not gone down well in the sector which is the second time such a discovery has been made.

The Swedish Food Authority Livsmedelsverket, will be prosecuting a meat processing company,  Tallhöjdens meat in Öxabäck in Mark Municipality near Gothenburg in Sweden  for  branding meat as Swedish beef, which after analysis it turns out that it was horsemeat.

According to the food authority, a consumer had bought beef, it was too much, and he became suspicious and reported the matter.

During an inspection, the business dealer admitted then that the meat was not properly labelled, but claimed it came from a batch of Polish beef.
"But we did a sampling and it turned out to be horse meat. So it was both a wrong country and the wrong species, "says Karin Cerenius of the Swedish food authority according to media reports.

The notification relate to 460 kilos of meat, which was dealt with in Ica Maxi super market in Sundsvall. The source of where the meat came from could not be traced traced though, blamed on poor documentation.

In addition to Ica in Sundsvall mislabelled horsemeat, according to the dealer has also been sold to a pizzeria.

This is the second time when a completely full meat has been tested to emerge as horsemeat instead of what is promised on the box. Just over two weeks ago over a ton of roast beef was withdrawn from Martin & Servera, which was labelled as beef from Poland, but which in reality was horse.
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