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How Finland is stepping to assist the unemployment exploiting in Finland

Thursday, 28 March 2013
Finland has skill shortages in some sectors of its economy. As it looks around to resolve these problems, the explosive unemployment in Spain is looking as a fertile ground to fish for workers.

This is why Finnish municipalities in Ostrobothnia that is in western Finland are preparing to recruit dentists from Spain or Portugal. The region is suffering from a shortage of dentists, and the plan is for the first contingent of professionals to take up positions in Finland during the autumn, reports state media organisation, Yle.

A shortage of doctors has prompted municipalities in Ostrobothnia to turn their gazes south to Spain, where they hope to recruit professionals to fill the gap. Riitta Lehtisalo, project manager of the Bothnia Work recruitment programme said that skills mapping research has shown that Vaasa currently needs two to three dentists, as well as one dental specialist.

Other locations in the region are also hoping to employ dentists. Recruitment will focus primarily on Spain, but Portugal is another alternative that officials are considering, writes Yle.

One problem that many EU migrant workers to Finland have faced in the past has been language problems. This is why in practice this would mean that potential candidates would have to begin Finnish-language programmes during the spring.

The Ostrobothnians have had good experiences with Spanish health care professionals working in the region. Last autumn a group of Spanish nurses went to Vaasa to work and are still engaged in their duties.
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