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Five utility companies operating in Sweden risk heavy fines over operations efficiency

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
Companies that want to provide service in Sweden such as energy agreed to the Swedish specific requirement of meeting a certain high standard  and continuous delivery. Failure to do that would mean that the Swedish government comes on them hard like a tone of rocks.

At this moment, the Swedish Energy market Inspectorate (Energimarknadsinspektionen) has threatens five electricity companies with fines of up to Skr5 million, if they do not work better to avoid long power cuts as we observed recently during the stormy winter.

During the winter of  2011/2012 there were  1.9 million power outages in Sweden. Of these 79 000 lasted more than 24 hours, in violation of act of operations requirements from such companies operating in Sweden.

Five network companies must therefore demonstrate the steps they will take to resolves these deficiencies in the future such that they don't occur again, the energy inspectorate said in a statement. According to an order from the Emergy Inspectorate (EI) if no deficiencies are not resolved or proper approached design to show they they can be tackled in the future, these companies risk fines of up to Skr5 million.

The energy companies in question are Eon Elnät Sverige, Fortum Distribution, Vattenfall Eldistribution, Kramfors Energiverk  and Härjeåns Nät.

The numbers of power outages are tied to the rough weather that was experienced during the period in question. Between 27 November 2011 and 4 January 2012 several severe storms, the Sunday of Advent storm, December storm, and storm Dagmar and Emil blew over Sweden wrecking havoc.

Together, the storms covered the whole country and the reason why power outages were severe was that many trees fell over power lines and thus causing the outages.
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