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Fear mongering for Swedish increasing layoffs

Thursday, 10 January 2013
The increasing notices of redundancy, which has gone up sharply Sweden during the autumn of 2012, has been felt by some analysts as that Swedish unemployment would increase.
But the Swedish employment agency is now saying the increase redundancies does not mean that unemployment is rising.

The Swedish Employment Service stresses that all notices are not necessarily leading to layoffs. Of those who are laid off about 60 percent, leave their jobs, according to the Employment Service.

One reason for this is that the notices go out long before the redundancies actually start to be implemented. Therefore, the view that large notices lead to increased lay offs is an exaggeration of the situation. 
The employment service stress that of all the notice for dismissal received by the Service, only 20 percent will result unemployment. In addition, it is stressed that many people who receive alerts for redundancy - those people are already well entrenched in the labour market, and quickly move on to new jobs.

Those however who become unemployed as a result of the termination of a company -  they are usually left at the service Employment Office for a longer period than those who have been unemployed for other reasons.
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