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Continued fall in Swedish car sales  and new car registration but the future might look bright

Tuesday, 02 April 2013
The Swedish car market continues to crumple under intense economic climate as car sales and new car registration keeps sliding. But with the economy rebounding, the future looks bright

Latest data from BIL Sweden which keep the registration numbers of new cars show that in March this year,  22,493 new cars were registered in Sweden, representing a decrease of 21 percent compared with the same month last year.

Top registered cars - best selling cars in March
Sale / Registered number
Volvo V70   
Volvo S/V60  
VW Passat   
Volvo V40N   
VW Golf   
Kia Ceed   
Volvo XC60   
Audi A4   
Renault Megane   
Ford Focus   
Source: Bil Sweden

So far this year, registrations are down by 17.5 percent, current data summation shows.
"Registrations of both passenger cars and trucks declined as expected in March. Downturn exacerbated by the fact that there were two fewer registration days compared with March last year. Two fewer registration day means that there is  almost ten percent fewer registrations.
For passenger cars, we also have the lingering effects of the advancing registrations of around 9,000 green cars that occurred at the end of last year, which led to fewer registrations in the first quarter of this year, "said Bertil Molden, CEO of Bil Sweden, in a press release.

The future, Bil Sweden feel that their forecast would still stand.
"We believe that the current forecast for 2013 of 265,000 passenger cars are well substantiated and no plans to revise the volume right now. However, there are a number of external factors that may affect both positively and negatively."
One situation identified is the crisis in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, England and the United States which will be affecting the euro exchange rate and in turn will affects all Swedish companies with international business," writes Bill Sweden.
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