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Boat engines worth  millions stolen in various Swedish ports

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The epidemic of boat engine theft is getting strong in Sweden and it is a new phenomenon, which authorities are struggling to grapple with.

Tens of thousand worth of boat engines have been stolen from boats around Swedish ports and boat storage places and these engines often disappear without a trace.

They are smaller and the modern ones have some of the latest technology associated with its design. They are easy to transport as such an attractive product to collect by thieves. As the Swedish boating season starts, people getting worried that they will get up and find their boat engines gone.

Last year boat engines worth Skr200 million were stolen in Sweden and most of them where never found. Improvement in preventive measures according to the police will hope that there could be reduction in the number of thefts.

Boat engines designed for the Swedish market have been found in a variety of countries, but the vast majority of the engines disappear without a trace.

"Of the about 100 stolen engines, some ten of the them could be found. Much of this goes to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania,"  Calle Jonsson, Head of Marine Police in Stockholm told Swedish television.

Last year about 2,700 boat engines were stolen in Sweden. It is estimated at on average that cost some Skr80,000 per engine, so the total for the stolen items is about Skr200 million in a year, according to Calle Jonsson.

Swedish police has called for labelling of boat engines, in addition to increased national and international cooperation as well as improved co-operations with insurance companies and the yacht clubs.

This, the police believe could deter thieves or make it easy to recover stolen engines.

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