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Alfa Laval to supply equipment worth SEK 85 million to platforms offshore Brazils

Tuesday, 04 September 2012
Alfa Laval has won an order to supply fresh water generators and diesel oil purifiers to major offshore platforms in Brazil.

The order is worth approximately SEK 85 million and delivery is scheduled to start 2013 and be finalized in 2015.
The Alfa Laval equipment will be installed onboard the platforms being built for the major oil fields recently discovered offshore Brazil. The Alfa Laval fresh water generators will convert sea water into fresh water to be used for process water and potable water onboard the platforms.

The purifiers will control the quality of the diesel oil being used mainly for power generation, thereby optimizing uptime.
“Reliable equipment, both compact and efficient, is essential to maximize uptime on these offshore oil platforms, and these recent orders from the oil and gas industry once again prove our ability to meet the high demands”, says Lars Renström, President and CEO of the Alfa Laval Group.
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