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150,000 Swedish unemployed without a form of unemployment support and compensation

Wednesday, 14 November 2012
Of the nearly 400,000 who were unemployed in September 150,000 are missing full compensation, according Unemployment Insurance Unions (SO). Back in 2008, the number without compensation due to lack of unemployment insurance contribution was 50 000.

The proportion of unemployed persons who are outside the Swedish unemployment security systems of the labour market has increased dramatically in recent years. Of the nearly 400,000 who were unemployed in September, 150,000 stand outside without any form of compensation at all. Te reason is that they did not contribute to the various insurance and union packages.

Many people tend to leave their membership of the various unions and unemployment insurance contribution and it is not yet clear if their failure to meeting their payments is as a result of other cost pressures.

Since 2008, the number of persons who receive no compensation at all has increased significantly adding to the trend in which today about 150,000  people can't have unemployment insurance contribution. That is a threefold increase in four years.
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