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Are many Swedes tricked into becoming entrepreneurs when they lack the skills and drive?

Thursday, 13 September 2012
As the Swedish unemployment continues to rise and the government lacking skills on how to stem the persistent joblessness of some sections of the workforce, business start up has been sold as one of the ways to improve people's ways of life.
As such, the government has been encouraging many people to start business and many have taken that advice as a means to create something for themselves but he question being asked is whether all these people can really start and run a business,

Former Swedish Prime Minister, now a consultant,  Goran Persson feels that the government have lured many people to become entrepreneur and that is wrong.

What he is concerned about the trend is that the unemployed are staring their own companies with the contribution from the Employment Service, but without proper market research and knowledge that there is demand for their company's product or service.

He also believes that the timing is not the best. To start a new business now, when the economy is uncertain is extra difficult. The question is how demand is created in the economy such that these products or services can be sold.

For Persson's own company, where there is income from both PR consultancy and from agriculture, it is going well. Earnings in 2011 ended up at nearly Skr3.5 million.

The former Prime Minister thinks that business conditions in Sweden are still good. He does not like the governing coalition, Alliance's ambition to reduce corporate tax. As a farmer, he sees a reduction in employer contributions as very important.

As the Swedish unemployment persistently remain high and corporation watch situation cautiously, the government ha been encouraging individuals to start heir own businesses. Despite long term, unemployed have taken the plunge irrespective of the strong lack of knowledge. Starting a small business in Sweden is extremely hard compared to other places such as in the USA or even the UK. However, big companies would thrive very well in Sweden.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor's latest survey, which in Sweden it covered 3,000 individuals, one of the reports show that that almost 6 percent of Swedes were engaged in some form of entrepreneurship last year.

Within the population that is not already entrepreneurs, 31 percent believe that they have sufficient knowledge to operate their own company. Of these, 74 percent said there are good opportunities to start a business in their local area during the next six months.
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