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How the Swedes are required more to work abroad

Wednesday, 12 September 2012
Although Swedish companies require that all their worker work with Swedish as a working language, one can think that Swedish companies don't outsources some types of back office rules such as call centres for fear of language hick ups. That is not correct as language could be a barrier but there is the Swedish laws which companies are forced to manoeuvre and thank to EU free movement rules, Swedish companies can easily outsources some types of key positions

Therefore, that Swedish people are working abroad in Swedish companies for Swedish clients is becoming increasingly common.

In addition, thanks to modern technology, which means that, more Swedish companies are moving their customer service and call centres to countries considered to have favourable regulations and taxes.

Malta, Ireland, Spain, give a hint of the list of countries seeking more Swedes and the need of the Swedish-speaking staff is great, according to a new media report in Sweden.

On Wednesday, a counsellor from the Irish employment service is coming to Gothenburg to recruit Swedes to work in Ireland.
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