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Fact summary
Most jobs lost in Sweden are fled to Poland, the country most popular for companies moving operations to. Some companies fully or partially shifted production. Number of lost jobs in Sweden to other countries for the past six months are summarised here as follows:
  • Volvo buses, from Saffle to Poland 400
  • SKF, from Gothenburg to Asia and Latin America 70
  • Arkivator, from Falkirk / Tidaholm to Hungary and Ukraine about 200
  • Getinge, from Halmstad to China 70
  • Asko, from Vara to Slovenia 450
  • Orrefors Kosta Boda, from Småland to Turkey 130
  • Åhus Glass, from Åhus to Lithuania and Finland 30
  • Kavat from Kumla to Bosnia 13
  • Esab, from Laxå to Poland 170
  • Rol Production AB, from Jonkoping to Lithuania 19
  • Whirlpool, from Norrköping to Poland 40
  • Gjutal, from Hultsfred to Poland 40
Source: GP

Cutbacks in VolvoCar corp., means more consultants to leave

Friday, 25 January 2013
Last fall, 400 consultants provide Volvo Cars Torslanda factory various services. But there are fears that as the company tries to cuts back in operations, more of these consultants will be expected to leave.

Press Director Per-Ake Froberg to the Goteborg Newspaper,  Göteborgs-Posten that the company "significantly, significantly" will reduce the number of engineers  in 2013.
"But what the outcome will be and the pace of reduction is too early to say anything about, "said Per-Ake Froberg told the newspaper.

The reason for the cutback has to do with the decline in demand of vehicles in the various markets, especially in Europe.
In the means time it is also reported that more jobs are leaving Sweden to different destination outside Sweden. For example, Volvo Buses is moving some of its operation to Poland, SKF to Asia, Kavat to Bosnia and Åhusglass to Lithuania. The list of companies that moved jobs overseas last six months show a bleak reading.

"Unfortunately, we have high labour costs, for example, in assembly jobs," accord to CEO of engineering company, Arkivator, Anders Hultmark.

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