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Swedish road casualties hidden in official statistics - reality of Swedish road safety remains questionable

Tuesday, 04 September 2012
There are many more people who have been seriously injured on the roads than has previously been known. This is because the official accident statistics are highly misleading.

Although Sweden is known as one of the safest places on the planet to drive a car,  walk on the side of the road or ride a bicycle,  it turns out that it may not be the case because sensitive data on accidents and casualties have not been properly recorded and reported, the Swedish daily, according to the Swedish daily Dagens Nyeter.

The effect of this is that it can lead to some deadly roads not to be improved so as to curb future fatalities.

The core of the concern is that accident statistics is very vital for the design Swedish road safety tools. It also helps in designing how new roads will be built or redone.
In 2010, 2888 people were injured people in hard traffic accidents, according to the official figures based on police reports.

But the above statistics is far from the whole truth. In the same year there were over 7400 people treated at least for one day in hospital because of traffic accidents, according to medical statistics.

The EU's statistical office, Eurostat's definition of "severely injured" means that the official figures miss more than every other casualties.

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