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Swedish pensioners will see lower taxes - the government will announce

  Monday, 17 September 2012
The elections are somewhere nearer in Sweden and the governing Alliance coalition parties are not standing very well in the polls. Therefore, the government must keep on throwing stuff out there such that it improvs its position.

One of the most recent ones in a new announcement that in which the government proposes lowering taxes for pensioners - that will appear in the autumn budget. Most retirees will receive between Skr500 and Skr700 in the lower taxes per year, the Alliance governing party leaders writes in the Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter on Monday.
The reduction means that about half of the tax cut for the seniors, which the Alliance parties promised in during the election campaign as a "reform ambition" by 2014, would be met in the autumn budget.

The party leaders write that it is thanks to the relative impressive performance of the Swedish economy that makes the Alliance to be able to reduce the tax on pensions.

The tax reduction amounts to between Skr500 and Skr700 per year for most retirees and the total tax bill will cost about Skr1.15 billion.
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