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Swedish Ethics Authority forged documents - reports

Friday, 31 August 2012
The Swedish Ethics Committee has been accused of forging dates and addresses on documents and research reports. According to news reports, the dated documents were shifted back in time and addresses changed to a new address.

The Swedish medical journal, Dagens Medicin reports that the Central Ethical Review Board was behind with their work and documents were left lying without action for several years. When it was realised, instead of trying to fix what was broken, they instead decided to date them back in time and change the addresses to reflect something recent.

The mal- operation has been widely carried out by various Swedish media outlets and the radio Sweden add that these documents were backdated several years, so that it looks as if the documents are drawn up several years ago.

Radio Sweden add that "We found six cases where matters remained for several years without a decision. And there are at least a handful of similar cases " that have not been attended to.

The situation was exposed when the journalist, Mia Wärngård from Dagens Medicin requested copies of documents  for some analysis. Everything looked right out at first. Then she found out that the document she had received were counterfeits.

"Then I found out that they were cut and pasted, such that the dating of the decisions did not match the address that the authority was at the time of dating. To cut down the origin of a public document and change it I do not think is okay," says Mia Wärngård.
The fear now is that a forgery clime might have been committed here.

Central Ethical Review Board has its office at the Swedish Research Council, Stockholm. It's work is the vetting of the ethics of research involving humans
 and is overseen by the Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Chancellor of Justice.
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