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Sweden's solution for rejected horse meats Lasagna - it will be used to make biogas

Friday, 15 February 2013
One interesting thing about Sweden is how they always try to see solution in a problem. One new one now is what to do with the lasagnes that have been rejected because of suspected horse means in it.

As the whole of Sweden starts rejecting lasagnes, one proposal is that it should be used to produce energy in the name of biogas. However, the road from the shops to the recycling centres is long. When the shops receive the rejection notices by the consumers or the authorities that the product is to be stopped, immediately they are sent back with the next shipment and in the case of southern Sweden, Helsingborg which houses one of Ica's largest central warehouses, now has several tons lasagne.

ICA is responsible for running back all lasagnes they sold in their stores, regardless of brand.
After we sorted, the goods Ica send their goods to a recycling station in Ängelholm and Findus send their goods to a facility in Bjuv where they become biogas. Recycling centre in Bjuv will now receive lasagnes from all over Sweden, which eventually means all the rejected lasagnes are treated in southern Sweden of Skåne.
by Team

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