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Sodertalje, Sweden said to get new research centre

Sunday, 16 September 2012
There will be a new medical research centre in Södertälje, Sweden as the Swedish government determines to strengthen its medical research business, which has faced a hit recently.

Media reports on the issue point that that government has allocated Skr100 million in the autumn budget to build the centre, which among other things will create a functional link between academic research and the industry.
"So much is clear now that we can peak highly of..., it'll become a medical research centre based in Södertälje, "says lars Leijonborg, the government's coordinator for the closure of the research at AstraZeneca, according to Swedish media report.

The investment can create new jobs for many of the scientists who have been given notice from Astra Zeneca , which in early February the research centre announced that research activities in Sodertalje would be dismantled.

1,500 employees at the pharmaceutical company in the municipality was given notices but according to Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet, only a few hundred of the scientists hope for new jobs through the New Deal from the government.

Sweden is still fighting to wade the challenge coming from Denmark which has been its pharmaceutical research sector grow faster while that o Sweden shrinks.
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