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Half a billion to fight youth alienation in Sweden

Friday, 14 September 2012
The Swedish government wants to invest Skr568 million in four years to break the spell into why young people in the country are prematurely excluded from activities leading to employment.
This means that young people who receive activity support should be encouraged to get more support to go through training that will lead them to active life. 75 percent of those are reported to be suffering from mental illness.

The money will include securing economic studies and raise introductory and follow-up support to help them get into the labour market.
This came from a write - up in the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagbladet in which the Ministers Hillevi Engström (Moderate), Ulf Kristersson (Modertate) and Maria Larsson (Christian Democrats) did that will be included in the autumn budget.

The fate of the Swedish youths became sealed when the Swedish authorities open their borders for Easter European to easily stray into the country and take up jobs. No company was then interested in training unskilled youths as the flow of mature, skilled, flexible and cheap labour meant that the Swedish youths had to compete in such a market.
Companies saw this as less headache, shouting at youths who may not have been as active as they would have wanted and the job of being able to easily hire and fire eastern Europeans at will and how this will help their bottom line. 

But no politician is able to look at the plight of the Swedish youths in this direction as such the expectation is that as much money in sunk into this project, at the other  end the situation will remain the same.
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