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Technical problems that grounded Arlanda Airport are now resolved

Saturday, 17 August 2013
The technical problems which caused disruptions in air traffic at Stockholm Arlanda Airport are now resolved and the system is running normally, Svedavia that runs the airport writes on its website.

The effect of this is that fights will resume normally but there will be delays caused by the disruption as backlogs had built up in the hours that Landings and takeoffs where held.

Travellers are advised to contact their your airline or tour operator for information about your flights

Earlier we reported that Sweden main Stockholm airport at Arlanda has come to a grinding halt as  a technical problems has stopped all landings and takeoffs from Arlanda.
Arlanda ariport.stops
The problems are reported to have come from air traffic control, according Swedavia website, the organisation that owns Swedish airports. It writes "Disruptions in air traffic control: There are currently technical problems in air traffic control, causing delays at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and thus other airports. At present there are no take-offs or landings at Stockholm Arlanda. Update to follow."

We can imagine what the implication would be to the airport and others in Sweden. More updates as we get.

As teh technical problemscontinue to halted all takeoffs and landings from Stocholm's Arlanda airport because of problems with traffic management, it looks like flights seems to be taking off and landing according to the website of the LFV, the company that runs Swedish airports.

For updates check this link to Swedavia which manages the ariport and see the dash board for updates
Scancomark.com Team

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