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That bread protest can topple the Government of Norway?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012
The disagreement between the Norwegian farmers and government in the ongoing negotiations on agriculture could scupper the red-green government.

Without the farmers' consent there will be no further Red-Green government cooperation, believes Christian Anton Smedshaug the trade association Land Husbandry Investigation Office to the paper, Dagsavisen.

For the past 25 years, farmers have seen a slump in prices for their goods, but it has not been cause by the consumers. Their concern is that their profitability has dropped while consumers have been having cheaper products.

It is believed various government policies and regulations have stifled production and profitability and maybe they are worried of increased imports for Spain, Denmark, Sweden and other cheaper places. The empty butter shelves before Christmas for example was a specific issue that made farmers and farmer organizations humble. But after the unsuccessful raid on farmers during the Christmas attacks, now there is another one coming on 17 of May.

The farmers, who often considered themselves most Norwegian of the Norwegian, will try to make the National Day breadless for the Norwegian people. The calls from Norwegian places talk of that they should be answered, and there should be a resounding demand for open borders.

This is one of the reasons why on Tuesday Norwegian farmers protested against the government's refusal to negotiate with officials in the agricultural sector by blocking flour suppliers.

This would lead to bread shortages and hunger - a hungry man is an angry man. Governments don’t like angry people and the reverse is also true.

Yesterday, Norwegian farmers were on the streets in protest against the Norwegian government that it does not take Norwegian food production seriously. Both the Norwegian Farmers' Union and the Norwegian Farmers and Smallholders Union chose to break the agriculture negotiations before it even started.
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