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Norwegian police found several million of  stolen money in the forest

Thursday, 23 August 2012
Norwegian police have found a huge money haul in a Norwegian forest, described as "Unusual Event" in south-eastern Norway.

The police described the find as several millions of Nkr from a robbery that took place in October last year, buried in the Forest, the Norwegian radios and television, NRK reports today.

Police superintendent in  Romerike precinct told the station that "we dug up the money that was well buried along with small plastic bags, aluminium foil, food waste bags and finally a black garbage bag."

Police have long been on the hunt for a huge haul of about Nkr10 million, which four masked robbers stole from a raid in a cash transporter in Skedsmo outside Oslo in early October last year.

Now the several million of that money has been found, as one of the robbers showed where the money was buried.

Police described the incident as very unusual. They are now working to seek if they could recover some of the rest of the money which they know is already circulating in illegal businesses.
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