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Norwegian mass Murderer, Breivik, found healthy - sentenced to at least 21 years prison

Friday, 24 August 2012
After 10 weeks of trial, today, the verdict against mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik in being dished out. As such just as the first trial day in April, the world's eyes are now directed towards Oslo.

He has been considered very healthy and is being given a custodian sentenced - that is, that he'll can sit in jail for life. The verdict is unanimous according to reports being release.
Those who called him mentally unstable have been defeated as people have been arguing that for one man to plan a complex operation as he did and to execute it as he did, such a person is not insane.

And Breivik showed up a wide smile when he heard that he was considered sane, that is, that he was not mentally ill when he carried out the terrorist attacks on Utya and in Oslo. Both attaches which resulted in the deal of close to a hundred people and many left physically and psychologically injured.

Breivik had most of the time  admitted that he detonated a bomb made from fertilizer outside government headquarters on the main streets of Olso where eight people were killed before heading for Utoya island and slaughtered 69 at the ruling party's summer youth camp.

An in sane verdict would have give him diminished responsibility for his acts.
by Team

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