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Is nepotism destroying the British Management System? Why unqualified people being given top positions to mess up the Olympics?

Monday, 16 July 2012
Just as the Olympic Games are getting on the way in London, UK, the nature of the British management and planning system has come under question. Some of the questions being asked are whether the people taking care of managing British big projects such as the Olympics are qualified people or just a few picked because of whom they know.

Among the shambles such as security protection, confusing road lane design, today when the first officials came in, the Americans and the Australians got lost for 4 hours on their way to the Olympic village in East London. One main reason given was that the driver had not been drilled on the road from Heathrow to Olympic village. The players had to use their iphone to assist the drivers who said they had not trained to drive to and from the Olympic village

In a separate incident, the Australian sailors were made to wait for over an hour after the baggage handlers lost their sails.

All this come after the security company G4S, which won the contract to provide civilian security during the Olympic game, decided in the last minute that it could not. This forced the government to scramble in 3500 military personnel to cover up making London to look like a war zone.

Authorities say the G4S could not supply the amount of required security personnel at a time when Britain is facing huge unemployment because they found it hard to recruit cheap labour. Others say it was because of incompetence.

So why is management a very hard topic in Britain and why do they talk much than they can act? A simple strategy would have been that the drivers that would drive athletes from Heathrow airport would have been give a drill repeatedly over the routes. Also some critic say that the drivers where non English speakers - probably eastern European brought in to work at very low costs.

However, it turns out that in the UK who you know give you a top management decision making jobs and not what you know.
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