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Business strategy; How a very rich wheel chair beggar turned out to be fit  and very rich

Thursday, 12 July 2012
A man who looked wheel chair bound begging for money was actually fit, could walk, and had already Nkr10 000 in his pocket.

A man sat in a wheelchair with a large sign, which said that he needed money for a new battery for the wheelchair. Nevertheless, when his donor had walked past the man, he stood up instead and took a walk, before he sat in his wheelchair again the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten said.

The police was surprised when they arrived at the scene. They recognized the man on the wheelchair that they have been seeing consistently in the past.

It turned out that not even the economic distress was as severe for the man as would have been suggested. He had Nkr10 000 Norwegian crowns in his pocket.

The police solved the situation by allowing the man to depart from the area along with both the wheelchair and the full purse.
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