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Healthcare cost in the England goes up as NHS prescription fee rise.

Sunday, 01 April 2012
The healthcare cost in England is to increase by 0.25pound to 7.65 as Health Minister, Simon Burns outlined earlier. For those who are exempted however, it will mean that 90 percent of prescription items will be dispensed free.
The rise was greeted with negative reaction from sectors such as the Royal Pharmaceutical Society which had campaigned for a freeze complaining that the rises are completely unacceptable.
As Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland continued to get free prescription charges other sectors of the healthcare such as dental treatment costs will also rise.
In England, the cost of a prepaid prescription payment certificate (PPC), which is valid for three months, will remain at 29.10, while the price of an annual PPC will be held at 104.
These certificates allow people who have a lot of prescriptions to save money by paying a lump sum in advance for a set number of items.
The government which is seeking all possibilities of cutting cost says abolishing prescription charges in England would leave the NHS 450million short each year. The low pay worker and those not entitled form prescription waver will be severely hit.
Citizens in semi autonomous regions of Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland will still enjoy free prescriptions meaning that England is ready to subsidise all the other regions of the country that reject prescription charges.

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