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Oops – British leader Cameron forgot his daughter in a pub

Monday, 11 June 2012
This is a no joke story – it can be stressful to be the father of young children and then Prime Minister of Great Britain at once.

You are the leader of a “Great Country” other wise known as Great Britain. You take your family out to relax and then after finishing, you get every body in the car to go home and then oops after arriving home you realise that your daughter who is 8 years old in not among those who came home. Sh***t what have I done?

The Prime minister will really not be happy about this type of slips which add more pressure to some aspects of his quality which many had described as fake. When you are passing rules that affect families, it is important that you show that your own family credentials are right. Cameron shows here that there is something about him that is not quite right.

Cameron together with his wife, Samantha, and the couple's children, including daughter Nancy, eight years old, and two other families  recently visited a pub to socialize on Sunday.

When the lunch was over, the company left the pub, Plough Inn at Cadsden in Buckinghamshire, without their 8 years old daughter. She was forgotten in the pub, located near the Prime Minister's country residence at Chequers.

According to the BBC, which reported on the issue of the forgotten Nancy, the incident occurred "a few months ago," and the events was confirmed to the BBC by the Prime Minister Office in 10 Downing Street, London.

After leaving, Mr Cameron went home in one car with his bodyguards and thought Nancy was with his wife and their other children in another car.

Mrs Cameron had assumed her eldest daughter was with her father. The mistake was discovered when they got home. When the prime minister returned to collect Nancy he found her helping staff, report the BBC.

Cameron’s government is out at this moment promoting a scheme to give English councils a financial incentive to deal with so-called "troubled families" – When asked  by BBC 5 to the  community secretary if he drew parallels between troubled families and parents who inadvertently left their children in a pub, he declined to answer.
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