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A shame to the Swedish legal system which exposes Swedish hypocrisy.

Thursday, 16 August 2012
Sweden has intervene in various countries of the world to protect people from abuse and has granted political asylum to people running away from prosecution. This means that Sweden should have a trusted legal system and should not be under any pressure from places such as the USA.

But today, Julian Assange and his supporter don't trust Sweden - that it will grant a free and fair trial to Mr. Assange from abusing two Swedish women.  Now Sweden has been bundled up with places such as the UK and USA which have a hypocritical face with claims that they provide freedom and the respect of human right. In reality Sweden looks to be merely dancing to the tone of the Americans.

Why is Sweden is Sweden not making it abundantly clear that its interest in to provide justice to the  women who cried that Mr Assange sexually abused them. Are we mixing up two things here? Who is Ecuador to provide freedom more than self champions of freedom- Sweden. 

According to the Ecuador authorities, Ecuador has sought assurances from both Sweden and Britain that Assange would not be extradited to the United States, but they have not received such guarantee.

Therefore the Ecuador authorities see a risk that Assange's human rights are under threat and therefore the country has decided to grant him political asylum.

Does this means that Sweden is not really wanting Mr Assange because there are two women who claimed he sexually abuse them and who need justice?

It is unfortunate that Sweden which at this moment is having a dispute with Belarus over Sweden support to the opposition there, Sweden which supported the Libyan mission to flush out Ghadaffi is now finding it hard to tell Mr. Assange that "e will not deliver you to the Americans. Our interest ins to provide justice to these ladies who cry that you abused them."

Oh! before we go, this is a Sweden which also support dictatorial regimes by selling electronic and communication equipment that monitor people as can be evident in places such as Syria, Tadzhikistan and the likes.

Sweden is too big to be playing baby games and its action toward the Julien Assange issue is just making Sweden to be seen as weak, lack of position and independent integrity. It also show something about Sweden which is worrying - absolute hypocrisy.
by Scancomark, editorial team

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