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A Swedish leading hard hitter businessman, Percy Barnevik arrested in London for sex offence 

Friday, 29 June 2012

A very ‘untouchable’ Swedish business man, Percy Barnevik, is reported to have been arrested in London, on Thursday on suspicion of sexual offenses. He said that it is a "crazy woman" who pursues him. "You should know that there is no basis what so ever. It's just fake, "he told the Swedish tabloid news paper, Expressen.

The charges against Percy Barnevik was directed by a woman in April this year and the "sexual assault" which, according to a spokesperson at the London police could mean any number of things, but not rape, writes Expressen.

On Thursday, Barnevik, 71 visited voluntarily a police station in London for a scheduled meeting and was arrested but then released on bail. In October, he’ll appear for questioning.

The London police told Expressen that it's just allegations for now. After the autumn hearings there will be three scenarios, says spokesperson:
“We are collecting material for the investigation. In October, he will either be prosecuted, be released without further action or released on bail again.

Barnevik, is a very strong and wealthy Swedish hard hitter in the business world and former President of leading companies such as Asea and ABB and chairman of the investment clan, Investor. He says that the accusation is "completely absurd".
“It's just fake. If you're a public figure, you can run into this stuff. It often happens,” says Percy Barnevik.

He will not go into what he is alleged to have done, but says it is about a woman who has haunted him for some time.

If found guilty of “sexual assault" he faces jail times ranging from fine to ten years imprisonment.
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