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The resilience of women in turbulent time and in hard places – Example of how Swedish women with foreign background are fighting a tough Swedish business environment

Monday, 02 April 2012

Women in Sweden, who are not born in Sweden, described here in Sweden as women born abroad are very tough. More of them have chosen to become entrepreneurs in an environment where they have limited opportunities.

Data from Statistics Sweden show that the number of this group of women who have decided to break through the very hard Swedish network – tied economic system, the– Skin colour-sensitivity system to start their own business is staggering.

 Ranging from freelance consultants, to other forms of entrepreneurial activities in which they work as the brain behind the new-start, or as solo business woman in Sweden increased by 47 percent in all industries since 2004. This is a set of people who find it hard to raise capital from the official Swedish banks and who have almost a zero chance of being employed in a real Swedish company.

New businesses started by Swedish on the whole in all sectors was about 15 percent since 2004.

People who pay VAT returns,  known here as F- skatt which is usually design for companies but which is now run by a single person as an employee has become increasingly common. This has been very popular among the foreign born women.

Researchers are now looking at ways of making self employment a better way of boosting the economy something that has been known for the past but which the authorities have made it hard to be realised.

But being a solo entrepreneur can present difficulties - especially financially.
For most people their economic situation will degrade and it emerge that it is very poor to be self-employed.
In Sweden there are all sorts of other costs – including the most dreaded accountants’ fees that have put so many small companies out of business.
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