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Swedish Premier, Reinfeldt seen as more skilled and competent than opposition leader Löfven

Wednesday, 14 March 2012
Although the Swedish Social Democrats party leader, Stefan Löfvens has seen his own popularity and that of his party increased in recent months, he still has much to do in way of catching up with current Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt in the eyes of voters. 65 percent of Swedes still believe that Fredrik Reinfeldt is more capable to run the country than the opposition leader

According to a new survey conducted by the polling organisation Skop, widely published in the Swedish media today, confidence in the Social Democrats' new party leader is great - after just over one month in his job as almost every voter seem to throw great confidence him. But when pitted with the Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt on a man o man stance he is seen wanting.

Two out of three Swedes - 65 percent, believe that Fredrik Reinfeldt is proficient in managing a government than the untested Löfven. The corresponding figure for Löfven is 35 percent. But Stefan Löfven still by far surpasses the confidence that was given to Håkan Juholt, the leader whom he took over from.

“Even though Fredrik Reinfeldt leads in the skill league, Stefan Löfven has every reason to be pleased with his first comparison with the Prime Minister,” says Skop analyst Birgitta Hultaker in a statement.

Hakan Juholt did not once during his leadership of the Social Democrat party reached the level Stefan Löfven has attained in his preliminary months in his new job.

Among the parties of the bloc – Red - Greed coalition member, sympathizers seem to give Stefan Löfven the greatest support so far with the Left Party voters, 78 percent believing that he has  more skilled than Reinfeldt. But he still has some way to go to convince the ecology Green groups, which still has two out of three of the Green Party voters still feeling that Reinfeldt is more capable of running a government than him.

But it's not just leadership skills that were measured in the survey. Skop also raises the question of which of the two party leaders they see as would be livelier and less boring. The more festive of the two is almost even between the party leaders. Stefan Löfven could be a little nicer than Fredrik Reinfeldt with 50.3 percent against 49.7 percent for Prime Minister.
This means that Stefan Löfven is less boring that Prime Minister, Reinfeldt.

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