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Accountability, hypocrisy or just arrogance? How the Swedish Economic Crime Authority got away with luxury trip to the U.S.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012
The top officials of the Swedish Economic Crimes Authority went on a field trip to Miami Beach in the USA with a price tag of about Skr50,000 per person. They who are supposed to be holding others accountable got away with squandering state funds.

The organisation whose responsibility among others is aim at bringing about security and justice by preventing and combating economic crime and which with prosecutors, police officers, economic auditors and other experts work together in investigation teams to lead and coordinate the fight against economic crime in Sweden seems to have been carried away by their responsibilities and felt that they are above the laws of the land or maybe they were just arrogant.

According to the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri, they went of a so-called study trip conducted in 2010 and for eight days, a group of Swedish Economic Crimes Authority managers carried out visit to institutions in Miami and Washington, including, the Justice Department, FBI Miami and prosecution services there. In Miami, five meetings were held in four days including two free days.

On one of the trips, it was included the then Director General, even though it was clear that she would go to a new job and would not need to have been part of the so – called working visit.

Airline tickets cost about Skr35 000 each to fly to the United States. The hotel in Miami was at Skr2,500 per person per night, according to the paper. A total land travel bill of at least Skr46 600 per person - but that for the hotels in Washington, subsistence and entertainment are included, writes Dagens Industri.
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