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How much do big Swedish companies' managers earn?

Monday, 19 March 2012
Earnings of head of Swedish Giant Corporation exposed in a different way by Swedish Dagens Dagens Nyheter.

Their earning are already published in their annual reports but people don’t usually read company’s annual reports. Therefore in the wake of report which show that Swedish big corporation don’t pay taxes or if they do their taxes are very small, more is being taken to look as to where their money goes to.

It looks like one of biggest leakages big companies have is to pay their top executes as their earning tend to be “too high” as shown below. This total represents a fixed salary, variable and other remuneration and net pension provisions.

Earning in 2011 (Skr)
Earning 2010 (Skr)
 Change (%)
Retirement age (years)
ABB Joe Hogan 69 million 59 million 17 percent not specified
Getinge Johan Malmquist 38.5 million 38.0 million +1.3 percent 60
Nordea Christian Clause 28.5 million 15.9 million +79 percent 60 years
Ericsson Vestberg 26.2 million 26.2 million 0
Autoliv Jan Carlsson 25.8 million 21.9 million +18
Not Specific
Millicom Mikael Grahne 25.8 million 24.8 million 4 percent not specified
Electrolux Keith McLoughlin 25.6 million 24.8 million +3.2 percent 65
Industrivärden Anders Nyren 23.1 million 19.6 million +18 percent 60
Husqvarna Magnus Yngen 22.5 million 15.6 million +44 percent Employment has ceased
TeliaSonera Lars Nyberg 22.4 million 20.7 million +8 percent 62
SKF Tom Johnstone 21.6 million 20.9 million +3.3 percent 60
SCA Jan Johansson 20.8 million 15.5 million +34.2 percent 60
SEB Annika Falkengren 19.1 million 17.4 million +9.8 percent 60
Astra Zeneca David Brennan 33 million Not yet* published

Scania Leif Ostling 34.4 million Not yet* published

* Details of their remuneration and allowances will only when their annual reports are published.
Source: Complied by Swedish daily Dagens Nyeheter

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