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Finnish organisation, Finn Watch follows SwedWatch to decry the inhuman working conditions in Chinese factories

Wednesday, 27 June 2012
When westerners cry that most of their jobs have been outsources to China and China on the other side boast that it is recording 8 to 10 percent economic growth, and also Western firms report huge corporate profits, all that comes down to the slavish ways the Chinese workers are put through.

As they could not do it here, they find it easy to do it over there – in China where the government has nothing to do with quality of life of its powerless people or the feel of any form of individual rights for its common citizen. Western companies including companies from Finland and Sweden have seen this chance and have infiltrated the country en masse and are sapping out any form of decadency and components and humanity from those weak Chinese in the name capitalism.  
This is just the same as slave trade where these western companies would want that the weaker and poorer less protected Chinese worker are used in an inhumane manner to produce good for them so that they can sell at absolutely low prices in the west and make massive profits.

Finnish Civic Organization,  Finn Watch has been the next organisation sounding the alarm about garden products sold in Finland which are manufactured under inhumane conditions in China. This includes air mattresses, garden furniture other products produced in Chinese factories sold in Finland.

The situation is better than a few years ago, but still it is plain that wages are not sufficient to live on and that employees are forced to work nearly 13 hours a day six days a week - but with limited work safety and occupational health support.

Factory workers had not right to organize themselves and their ability to complain about the abuses were almost nonexistent.

Finn Watch has visited factories in Guangdong province in China where, among other Swedish companies as we reported yesterday, such as Clas Ohlsson, auto parts dealer, Biltema, as well as Fiskars them manufactured products.

Swedish organisation, Swedwatch has also complained about the behaviour of Swedish companies producing in China and have called on the market to take note that as they buy these products, they are doing so by consuming the sweat and blood of some people. These people are producing goods which they are pay very low and persecuted if the complain. They are also not allowed to ask for more or for better and we use these products to better our quality of life. How about the powerless Chinese?
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