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Dramatic growth in identity theft in Sweden

Friday, 01 June 2012
Identify theft in Sweden expanded by 42 percent, described as having by far the biggest increase is in Stockholm.
Most of the Scams happen from networks often run from other countries, there people buy things such as fake driving license which they use and take up loans in the name of others.

Figures from the organisation ABC shows that 3264 had their identities hijacked in the first quarter in Sweden, an increase of 42 percent. But the worst when it comes to increasing fraud is Stockholm. The first quarter of 2011 hit 288 people, the figure first quarter of this year, 446 people, an increase of 55 percent.

“The biggest problem we have right now is hijacked identities. It is terrible for the individual and inconvenient for us,” says Lars Minndal, superintendent of the fraud squad.

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