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Desperate  and creepy Swedish top management increasingly snooping into employees personal data - something illegal

Saturday, 10 March 2012
It has become more common in Sweden that company management have become intrusive into the personal lives of those they want to employ. This is observed properly in the ways interviews are conducted and the growth f firms that investigate the background of people for certain companies.

Normally, ethnic minorities are not called for interviews because they are not wanted in priceless Swedish companies but the Swedes or the white people who might be needed for employment have seen their background probed and their personal lives infiltrated by private investigative firm wanting to know when they have been up to in the past.
Employers requiring certificate of registry of person from the Swedish tax authorities or the police and are setting more intrusive questions. More and more will are also requesting that applicants submitted details from the Social services s that thing among others, absenteeism and care of sick children can be checked.

According to Jonas Wiberg, a labour lawyer at the law firm DLA Nordic, “the employer normally has no legal right to ask these questions of an intrusive nature such as sickness absence, planning for children or what the applicant's partner’s work is.”

For him, people looking for work know that he or she need not answer those types of questions  and he recommend that they should counter these  question about the purpose of the deep questioning.

Yesterday, we reported how more and more employers hire outside companies to identify job seekers' backgrounds. It looks like these types of situations usually come when unemployment is high and there are many people out there looking for work. Companies become so proud that they can do what they like with the may people applying for the few positions in their establishments.

Many employers are also increasingly stringent during the actual interview. 2011 was a record for the number of requested as ked by most companies as excerpts from the National Police Agency criminal records: 442 323 or  20 percent more was requested than in 2010. The number of extracts stopped at 366 895 as such in eight years, the cases have more than tripled.

 According to the National Police, this involves most on the professions.
“The increase can not only be explained by employers' requirement for protocol in relations to jobs in security guards, bank employment or staff in school or preschool, it's just that more employers are requiring that the candidates should be able to show an excerpt of their conducts”, concludes Jonas Wiberg of DLA Nordic.

One sixth of all Swedish people included in criminal records file and this involves everything from petty theft to speeding through small assaults that are recorded.

Data on sick leave and child care are attracting more and more employers' interests, according to Jonas Wiberg whereby in 2011 there were 598 records from the Social Insurance requested.
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