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The sale of risky painkillers continues to grow in Sweden

Tuesday, 14 August 2012
Drugs that have been either recalled of banned from the Swedish medicine shops have been found to be on sale  - with their sales increasing faster that expected.

One of these drugs is Diclofenac which is being described as can cause heart problems, used as a pain killer  and already linked to cardiac death is seeing its sales increasing.

Several studies show that regular use of Voltaren, Eeze and other painkillers with diclofenac substantially increases the risk of heart problems. The potential risks associated with these medications has means that the Swedish Medical Products Agency, (MPA) has chosen not to release these drugs to regular stores, but are sold only in pharmacies.

But despite that, the sale of diclofenac pain killers went up by 30 percent in five years, figures radios Sweden looked into, produced by Swedish Pharmacy Service, Apoteket Service show.
But despite the risks, MPA will not dissuade patients from using drugs that contain diclofenac, according to radio Sweden.
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