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Record number of Danish students going through China in order to get a better career

Thursday, 16 August 2012
A record number of Danish students choose to move a large part of their educational studies to China as a means to capture the growing part of international business.

This year alone, nearly 50 aspiring students are travelling out to China to take their two-year graduate program at a Chinese university. That is almost 8 times as many as in 2010.
One of the pushing forces to this development is the Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research in Aarhus  which is sending about 50 students  to read among others Neuroscience and Neuroimaging in schools such as those in Beijing starting in September. It is the new training centre, Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research in Aarhus, which is designed to strengthen the educational and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

The centre cooperates with 8 Danish universities and a Chinese university, and interest in China has exceeded all expectations, says centre administrator Søren Høst.

"The latest trends show that interest is growing. There are many people who contact us to learn what new programs that are underway and what the plans are for the coming year, so there is generally more interest in us and for the trainings."

A great deal of the interest is because in recent years, there has been increased focus on China and the cooperation between Denmark and China. As such as the students become aware of, interest start growing according to Søren Høst.

Most of the students hope that two years in China may them an advantage in the labour market when they come back. International experience in the Danish jobs market is very vitals and a knowledge of a very large market such as China would be an added advantage.
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