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Volvocar Corp., rejects accusation of sales number manipulation

Tuesday, 04 September 2012
We reported yesterday that Volvo Car Corp., was accused of playing with sales number which made it looked like its sales in the Swedish market was going on better  than thought. Volvo has reacted by countering the accusation.

The company says that the accusation that it manipulated its August sales figures is baseless. Volvo is reported to have said that "it is wrong., We will not register cars that are not sold," according to the Swedish business daily Dagens Industri.

On Monday we reported that figures showed that Volkswagen sales on the Swedish auto-market in August was better than that of Volvo. The figures also showed that Volvo recorded nearly half of the cars during the month's last three days, which Swedish media determined that that the figures might have been massaged.
CEO Anders Gustafsson confirm to the paper that Volvo has sent letters to dealers informing them that they must do what they can to deliver as many cars as possible.

"It is widely known in the sector that this is how things are done here. But there also a big difference between registration  and orders, "said Anders Gustafsson to Dagens Industri.

he figures showed that there were only 60 percent of Volvo cars registered in August which reached customers, compared with 80 percent of Volkswagen.

Anders Gustafsson was upset: "It is a lie that Volvo is registering cars that are not delivered to customers. In August, it was only about 196 cars," he told the paper.

A large part of the car registration of the last three days was made by Volvobil, which is registered as a motorcar dealership. This means that Volvobil AB seems to stand as an auto dealer of Volvo brands cars which have likely not been delivered to customers for obvious reasons. The cars have been registered but could not be delivered so they are taken over by Volvobil and resold.
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