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Volvo to layoff some 500 workers in UmeŚ

Thursday, 25 April 2013
The Swedish the truck maker Volvo is to get ride of some 500 employees in its UmeŚ operation if parts of the cab production moves to another plan in Tuve, near Gothenburg. The decision will be made after the summer.

The Volvo plant in UmeŚ manufactures truck cabs and employs some  2,000 employees. About 500 of them are employed in what Volvo calls the "assembly". The work is described as basically about mounting the decor of the cabins that are manufactured in UmeŚ.

In Volvo's drive to strengthen, its competitiveness - a study that will be done "after the summer" - includes the proposal to move that assembly to the Tuve production centre in Gothenburg.

"If it gets the go ahead, that will involved about 500 of the 2,000 employees, "said Kina Wileke, head of Volvo's media relations reports various Swedish media sources.
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