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The price for low cost production - new computers produced in China embedded with viruses

Friday, 14 September 2012
Criminals in China have discovered that an easy way of gaining access to individuals' personal details is to get to the sources. As such, computers produced in cheap China have been found containing viruses implanted at the source - that is, in the factories.

This is the price companies are paying for persistently looking for cheaper places to produce their products rather than seeking strategies that make them understand costumer need and then produce products that meet their need and price.

Products such as computers are very sensitive because they store vital personal or company information and the expectation is that they should be produced in environments that guarantee their freedom from malicious objects. 
China is known for its ability to steal technical and scientific secret from western companies. Now there has been the development there whereby criminals have infiltrated the brains of the computers that are being assembled there and implant object in them that make them work like zombies with the ability to drain users' bank accounts.

Researchers from Microsoft have discovered viruses in newly purchased computers, believed to have been infected during manufacturing in China. One in five new PC in the study was embedded with viruses according to the BBC.

One of the detected viruses called Nitol has the ability to steal personal information that can be used to clear people's bank accounts.

Also discovered were malicious programs that can turn on the computer's microphone and webcam without the user's knowledge according to the report.

A U.S. court has given Microsoft permission to take control of a site that is believed to be linked to the Nitol virus.
Read details here from the BBC
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