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TeliaSonera management called to take responsibility and those responsible for the scandals to resign

Tuesday, 08 January 2013
TeliaSonera, the telecom giant owned by the Swedish and Finnish governments has been going through a period of bad press in recent. The background to this has to do with the poor management and strategic practises carried out by the company, in association with its supposed investment in Uzbekistan.

It emerged recently that the TeliaSonera, in an attempt to expand into Uzbekistan did not do that ethically as expected from the Swedish government. This was, however a common practise in Uzbekistan, which is one of the most corrupt human right abuse countries.

Telia had initially refused to agree that it had broken a role, which said that Swedish companies operating in a foreign land should not dabble in corrupt practises even if it is the way businesses are done in those countries.

So the top management of the company refused to acknowledge that it knew that they were buying telecoms licence from the daughter of the country's dictator, Gulnara Karimova. The company wrotes in a first comment when the bribery noise came out.

As more evidence have emerged to support the view that Telia top officials know more than they say they knew, the Swedish Financial market minister which over sees all Swedish government companies and investments, Peter Norman, is calling for those responsible to take time out.

Two managers of TeliaSonera are being suspicion of bribery. Avakyan, Achmedov and an Uzbek are also suspected by Swedish prosecutors.
TeliaSonera says further that it did not pay bribes or involved in money laundering.
Read more about TeliaSonera business and fall outs here and here where it is being investigated for bribery
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