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SAS presses with Ryanair accusing it of cheating

Monday, 07 January 2013
Scandinavian Airway System, SAS, has got into a muddle with low cost carrier, Ryanair accusing it of cheating in reporting it true passenger weighting. This means that if it turns to be true, Ryanair risk a heavy fine. 

By not reporting its true weighting system, SAS accused the Irish airline for manipulating contribution and evasion of fees, writes the Danish daily, Berlingske Business, and other Scandinavian papers.

At the beginning of November SAS, turned to the Scandinavian aviation authorities with a formal accusation that Ryanair was paying low fees airport fees for their flights. According to SAS reports, Ryanair set too low a starting weight of its flights to the European aviation authority, Eurocontrol. A lower starting weight also means lower fees, since the fee is based on the flight take-off weight and the number of miles in the air.

"It's obviously not fair that Ryanair bend the rules and avoid fees while the rest of us who follow the rules take the bill, "says SAS representative Lars Andersen according to media reports

The French airline, Air France is also reported to have accused Ryanair for contribution evasion, according to internal documents, the Danish paper,  Berlinske business has seen.
Even  the German air traffic authority, Deutsche Flugsicherung is said to have opened a case against Ryanair.

According to the German newspaper, Die Welt, Ryanair contribution evasion is amounting to over Skr 460 million annually.

Ryanair said in a brief comment that the company complies with the Irish Aviation Authority regulations.
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